We want you to stay good – Vacation rentals with heart and attitude

Hand on heart: we are all just guests on earth. And especially on vacation, we can experience how valuable and limited our time is. When we immerse ourselves in relaxation and experience special moments outside of the everyday. All life is memory. And memories that are filled with happiness remain.

As a young family business in its second generation, we draw on over 40 years of experience and fresh commitment to create vacation experiences around Garmisch-Partenkirchen that last and linger.

For us, being good hosts means being there for you personally - before, during and after your stay in one of our vacation apartments and vacation homes. At the same time, we share a responsibility towards the natural and cultural landscape of our unique mountain world. Everything we do and everything we don't do leaves its mark. In addition to our service, we therefore pay attention to using sustainable products, cleaning agents and consumables in our accommodation and our work.

We want to do things better. With heart and attitude. So that you can simply take away special moments from a good vacation and we as guests leave good traces on earth true to the motto "take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints."

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